Our one and two year certificate/diploma programs explore both mediation and negotiation theory and practice in innovative, intellectually rigorous, and comprehensive ways. These are extended certificate programs for professionals and are not BA, MA, or PhD degree programs.

Official matriculation dates are September 1 and March 1 although a student may start anytime.


In mediation, students explore the history of mediation, court-ordered and voluntary mediation, the different substantive contexts of mediation (for example, family law and business law), strategy and tactics, psychoanalysis, game theory mathematics, intercultural communication, non-verbal communication, gender/ethnic studies, and international family law as applied to the emerging profession of mediation.


In negotiation, students learn principles and techniques that have been written about by authors and teachers from the Harvard Program on Negotiation, psychoanalysis, game theory mathematics, intercultural and nonverbal communication, gender and ethnic studies, and other practical principles that will develop their abilities.

Course Delivery

The programs are delivered either on-ground (through a seminar system), on-line (through Skype, Gchat, & WebX), or in a hybrid format.  These are either clinical (for those wanting to practice) or theoretical/academic (for those wanting to teach).

Current Programs

  • One-Year Program in Mediation
  • Two-Year Program in Mediation
  • One-Year Program in Negotiation
  • Two-Year Program in Negotiation

More Information

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